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ScrumGenius has helped to drive new level of performance monitoring in our organization. ScrumGenius allows a team to make a knowledge exchange, increase the level of cooperation and focus only on task execution.

Vladislav Falfushinsky

Software Engineer

ScrumGenius has helped drive new digital efficiencies for my organization. ScrumGenius allows my team to complete their daily scrum on their time, escalate issues to the right resources immediately, and encourages the disciple of planning out and being held accountable for their day.

Griffin Kilber

Sales Enablement

I use this tool in my daily stand-ups and to have my team provide weekly summaries. This has saved the team and myself a good deal of time and the use of ScrumGenius is now expanding to others in my workplace. GREAT tool!

Julee Marcelino

IT Manager

Why use ScrumGenius?

time management

Recover your time

Reduce the time you spend in meetings. ScrumGenius delivers all the insights of a typical standup without the wasted time spend on scheduling, tech issues, or delays.

inbox cleanup

Reduce email clutter

ScrumGenius collects and organises your teams reports that would otherwise get lost in emails, google forms or private DMs.


Reflect on the past

Using our dashboard, as a manager, you can view the report history of any date. You can also download an excel report for any time range to see the answers grouped together by each day.


Interactive standups

ScrumGenius runs automated standups within Microsoft Teams, Slack and Email. We provide a convenient link afterwards also, so you can edit your answer if you made any mistakes.

control panel1

Flexible configuration

Configure and run multiple reports on your schedule. Speak your teams language. You can customize what questions you want to ask, the time you want ScrumGenius to ask them and the schedule frequency. So it fits your team.


Improve team progress

Use ScrumGenius to effectively lead your team to progress on the daily tasks. Help your team communicate and clear those blockers, with a daily morning standup. Make it a part of your routine just like that morning coffee.

add user

Share access

You can manage multiple teams in Microsoft Teams with one ScrumGenius account. We support enterprises with large teams and multiple departments and also educational institutions.

We cost a lot less than not knowing what happened this week

30-day free trial. No credit card required.

  • Multiple reports

  • Vacation tracking

  • Summary email reports

  • Custom Questions

  • Email and chat support

  • Activity Tracking

  • Goals & blocker tracking

  • Access sharing

  • Multiple teams

  • Local timezone support

$7/ month / active user

Billed Annually

What is an active user?

Regardless of the team size, we only charge for the unique partipants that you configure across all your reports in ScrumGenius.

Can I check-in from mobile?

Yes! The member check-in forms and reports can be used with desktop, mobile, or tablet. We recommend using the Desktop when using an admin account to configure reports and settings.

Can I create multiple teams?

Yes! With a single account you can create new teams, belong to other teams, and switch between teams within ScrumGenius.

Can I share a team?

Yes! A team can be shared with another ScrumGenius admin account. Once shared, they can configure reports and settings

Who can access the report?

Admins can access the dashboard and see the check-ins from anyone on the team. Members can also access the check-ins through a link upon completion.

Do team members need to create an account?

Nope! Your team members do not need an account to provide their answers to your check-in. They can check-in through the ScrumGenius bot using your chat plotform, or on the web using a secure link.

What is activity tracking?

ScrumGenius can integrate with tools your team is already using such as Github, JIRA and Azure Devops (VSTS). ScrumGenius can contextually display you team's pull requests, JIRA task changes etc. Learn more about Team Activity tracking with project management tools.

How does org level billing work?

ScrumGenius supports multiple teams and sharing access between accounts. We recommend having one account that contains all the Teams. We like to refer to this as the billing account. Contact us if you need help with this.

What is vacation tracking?

You can set your vacations in your account. ScrumGenius will not disturb you on those days. This vacation can be set on a team level (for admins) and individual basis.