Communicate better with ScrumGenius

Stay up to date with your employees progress.

Run automated stand-up or check-in meetings within Microsoft Teams or Slack

Start your first standup

Install ScrumGenius from the Microsoft Teams or Slack app store, and then create an account and integrate with our service

ScrumGenius supports

Microsoft Teams Slack Email Cisco Webex Teams


Team members complete reports through conversation with the ScrumGenius bot.

Easy to use

Intuitive, quick and simple set-up process and design.

Multiple integrations

Not only Slack, but also Microsoft Teams and Email.

Customizable questions

Improve engagement by asking the right questions

Manager dashboard

Oversee all reports and engage with the team’s progress.

Selectively send reports

Is a report only for certain team members? No problem.

Interactive standups

ScrumGenius runs automated standups within Microsoft Teams, Slack and Email

We provide a convenient link afterwards also, so you can edit your answer if you made any mistakes.

Flexible configuration

Configure and run multiple reports on your schedule. Speak your teams language.

You can customize what questions you want to ask, the time you want ScrumGenius to ask them and the schedule frequency. So it fits your team.

Improve team progress

ScrumGenius broadcasts each members status to your configured channel

Use ScrumGenius to effectively lead your team to progress on the daily tasks. Help your team communicate and clear those blockers, with a daily morning standup. Make it a part of your routine just like that morning coffee.

E-Mail Summary

Stay up-to-date with your teams status

ScrumGenius can send out a report summary to a list of E-Mails

Manage multiple teams

You can manage multiple teams in Microsoft Teams with one ScrumGenius account

We support enterprises with large teams and multiple departments and also educational institutions.

Visualise your team

Get a quick glance of your reports and team participation

We also display a chart so you can see the engagement of the last report sent out.

Report History

Reflect on what your team has said in the past

Using our dashboard, as a manager, you can view the report history of any date. You can also download an excel report for any time range to see the answers grouped together by each day.