Automate team status meetings on Slack

Communicate better with ScrumGenius

How it works


ScrumGenius pings your team members to provide a status update of what they're up to and if they are facing any blockers.


Teams members complete their reports through Slack or the web app. Receive a nicely formatted report summary in your inbox.


Review their answers using our beautiful reports, effectively guide your team on daily tasks and help clear blockers.

4 Steps to a better Scrum Team

1. Install ScrumGenius

Find us on the Slack app store!

2. Connect your team to ScrumGenius

Sign-up to ScrumGenius and connect your Slack team with our web service.

3. Setup your report and start your first standup

Import your Scrum team, setup your report, and have your first online standup in less than 10 minutes!

Learn more about Reports

4. Effectively Guide Your Team

Use our daily reports to make better decisions and Effectively guide your team. Keep stakeholders informed via E-Mail with our beautiful daily summaries.

We support E-Mail too. Learn more.