Automated standups in Microsoft Teams

ScrumGenius is a Microsoft Teams-integrated application that allows teams to perform virtual, asynchronous daily standup meetings directly through chat.

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Integrated Standups in Microsoft Teams

  • Integrated chat bot

    Tired of losing focus in video calls? Users can engage in asynchronous standups by taking 30 seconds out of their day to answer the ScrumGenius chat bot's prompts in Teams.

  • Sync Across Timezones

    The ScrumGenius bot is timezone aware! Just input your team members' local timezones into the report settings, and they'll be able to receive reports at their local time.

  • Review Standups inside MSTeams

    Report responses are collated and played back to all team members for team-wide transparency and ease-of-review. Scrum masters & team members alike would be able to gain an overview of the team's progress in our Dashboard — all without leaving the Microsoft Teams app.

Need to convince someone to rejuvenate your team workflow?

We often hear from team leads who need to convince clients, higher-ups, or even their own team that ScrumGenius is genuinely valuable. Here, we've put together a slide deck for you to use — so convince away!

Analytics and Search Insights

  • Search Insights

    ScrumGenius' powerful filters allow you to view standup history by time elapsed, individual team members, and by standup status. You can even keyword search your team's standup history to pull important information up for reference quickly!

  • Analytics

    Enable goal & blocker tracking and review your team's progress towards project completion. ScrumGenius helps your team visualize valuable info on common blockers, individual & team engagement, and more.

“ScrumGenius has helped drive new digital efficiencies for my organization. It allows my team to complete their daily scrum on their time, escalate issues to the right resources immediately, and encourages the disciple of planning out and being held accountable for their day.

Griffin Kilber


  • JIRA

    ScrumGenius connects with JIRA to bring relevant issue changes to the forefront, providing your standups with useful, workflow-oriented context.

  • Azure Boards and Repos

    By connecting your Azure Devops & Repos accounts to ScrumGenius (which you can do without leaving our app in Microsoft Teams!), you can match issue changes and work log updates to team members seamlessly.

  • Github

    We connect with Github to surface relevant code pushes and commits from your Github projects, keeping everyone on the same page and boosting organizational transparency.

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Deep integration with Microsoft

The full ScrumGenius experience can be used on a daily basis without leaving Teams. So your team members can enter their check-ins, review the teams answers, and get actionable insights all within Microsoft Teams.

  • Single Sign On

    We support signing up or logging in with your Azure AD or Microsoft account. When you connect a team to ScrumGenius, we import your team roster so you don't have to.

  • Team access and permissions

    Your team members will be able to login via Microsoft, they do not need to register an account individually. You can also assign roles to certain users to give access to modify Teams and Reports.

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