Case Studies

Companies that benefited from standup automation with ScrumGenius. Read our customer success stories.

ScrumGenius: Julee Marcelino and TrueBlue Case Study
How Julee Marcelino Makes TrueBlue’s Stand-ups Painless with ScrumGenius

As an IT manager working with remote teams, Julee Marcelino found that communication between team members in different time zones was highly inefficient, leading to unproductive meetings and wasted time during the workday. Now, she uses ScrumGenius with Microsoft Teams to automate daily stand-ups and better connect with off-shore team members.

How ScrumGenius Helps New Zealand’s Local Government Team Communicate Better

Daniel Houppermans' job is to establish the techniques that foster workplace creativity and improvement, yet he knew that communication between his co-located teams fell short and important information was often lost. With ScrumGenius' automated Slack bot standups, Daniel has been able to more efficiently communicate with his co-located teams and increase workplace efficiency.

ScrumGenius Case Study: How Saad Ahmed motivates his volunteer team at MAX Gala and keeps them accountable
How Saad Ahmed Motivates Volunteers with ScrumGenius

Before ScrumGenius, traditional scrum meetings often got sidetracked by administrative details, taking up extra time and letting blockers and goals go undiscussed. Now, Saad’s team at MAX Gala uses ScrumGenius with Slack to maximize their productivity by reducing follow-up emails, cultivating more action-oriented stand-ups, and creating a shared agreement on accountability.