Team Onboarding

Streamline your on-boarding process for individual hires or entire teams!

Team Onboarding

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



Proper onboarding is the key to long-term employee success within any company. This onboarding template introduces newly formed scrum teams to each other, as well as align new hires with the company mission.


  • Define Roles — By clarifying each person's role right from the beginning, teams can reduce confusion and engage in cross-functional collaboration more efficiently down the line.
  • Organizational Alignment — The onboarding stage is a perfect opportunity to visualize what collective success would look like. Asking "why did you decide to join us?" builds excitement for new teams or hires, providing further insight into company culture.
  • Communicate Key Learnings — By gathering career or workplace advice from everyone on the team, you are setting the team up for success by introducing a list of best practices that everyone can adopt.

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