Performance Review (Self-Reflection)

Revolutionize the dreaded performance review by encouraging your team members to reflect upon their own work.

Performance Review (Self-Reflection)

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



Streamline the tired performance review with this self-assessment template, perfect for ScrumGenius' Private Reports feature. By encouraging team members to take some personal time for introspection, team managers end up with a collection of valuable insights that helps them understand team members better — promoting better professional development, individual goal setting, and more.


  • Celebrate Key Successes — By encouraging your team members to share major individual achievements that you might not have known about, you are motivating them to take more initiative in the workplace.
  • Strengthen Skills — Developing your team members gives them the tools they need to take on new responsibilities and contribute more to the team.
  • Increase Happiness — Taking the time to uncover your team members' unique interests and develop their skills improves happiness and reduces turnover.
  • Encourage Honesty — Voicing concerns by typing into a computer is much easier than vocalizing them outright in a face-to-face interaction. ScrumGenius acts as a virtual barrier between the company and employee, preventing awkward conversations and more importantly — ensuring that the feedback gathered is truthful.

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