Engineering Sprint Health Check

Identify and eliminate unnecessary processes from your agile team's workflow.

Engineering Sprint Health Check

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



The questions used in this template are derived from an action-oriented agile technique used at Spotify. Their engineering team's Health Check model prioritizes team improvement by quantifying frustrations and gathering qualitative feedback at the same time — simplifying an often difficult process. Favored by developer and product teams alike, this template helps identify & eliminate unnecessary processes from day-to-day workflow.


  • Build Consciousness — Simply implement this template on a regular basis, and team members will grow accustomed to a newfound manner of thought — even when they are working. Before, they were merely aware of procedural flaws. Now, they can point to specific things that irked them before, and get the whole team on-board to resolve those issues.
  • Iterative Improvements — By getting team members to quantify how they feel about specific aspects of the team's workflow, you are encouraging them to actively think about areas for improvement.
  • Encourage Fresh Ideas — New ideas can be sourced from responses to every question on this template — but nowhere is this more evident than the "Value" question. By asking everyone about high-level strategy, you are incorporating team members & their ideas into the team's strategic vision, making them feel heard and reinforcing a collaborative culture.

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