Design Team Weekly Standup

Unlock the full potential of your design team by running a weekly check-in on due dates and campaign aesthetic.

Design Team Weekly Standup

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



Unlock the full potential of your design team by tracking their weekly performance and upcoming deadlines, as well as gathering their insights on existing design specifications and the overall campaign aesthetic.


  • Iterative Improvements — Build on previous successes and failures by asking "how well was your last design received?" This encourages your designers to recall key feedback from internal stakeholders and clients.
  • Save Time — With this template, design teams can stop wasting valuable time on long weekly meetings. Instead, important dates & design ideas are surfaced to everyone on the team on a regular basis, enabling them to do their best, most eye-catching work.
  • Save Energy — Furthermore, save energy by getting your team to ask for the resources they need up-front, saving the amount of managerial legwork team leads have to perform on a weekly basis.
  • Collective Introspection — Encourage designers to reflect on the big picture by gathering info on how each individual feels about the campaign aesthetic and the team's current design principles.

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