Customer Insights

Keep your team attuned to changes in customer preferences and develop your product accordingly.

Customer Insights

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



Keep your team attuned to what your customers want from you! Your team is the best asset you have to identify trends and keep abreast of changes in the customer base — send out this report on the regular, and you'll never fear missing out on a customer trend.


  • Prioritize Customer Experience — The questions in this template enables your team to identify what's changing with your customers early on, preparing them to deal with these changes hand-on and resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Create an Actionable Strategy — By asking team members to propose ways to respond to changes in customer preferences in addition to identifying them, you are encouraging them to keep up with industry developments and actively identify where the team can take opportunity.

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