COVID-19 Health Check

Prioritize your employees' health in the midst of a crisis by implementing this report template.

COVID-19 Health Check

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



This template was, in a way, the catalyst and inspiration for our Private Report feature. A dedicated ScrumGenius user had been using us to track COVID-19 symptoms among their team for sometime now, and reached out to us about it. This template (like all our templates) can be customized for future use, though we do hope we'll never have to produce one like this again.


  • Prioritize Privacy — While collecting data on your employees is vital to contact tracing efforts & preventing infections within your workplace, they shouldn't have to disclose their travel & medical history to the rest of their team, like in a conventional standup. ScrumGenius' Private Reports allow you to discreetly monitor employees without compromising their right to privacy.
  • Ensure Honesty — ScrumGenius acts as a virtual barrier between the company and employee, preventing awkward lines of questioning over email or Zoom calls where neither party is comfortable — resulting in much more honest answers.
  • Anonymity — ScrumGenius provides a mechanism for gathering large amounts of data without inadvertently singling out any employee, preventing issues such as racial profiling or workplace alienation.

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