Career Progression Knowledge Share

Prioritize your employees' career development and help them reach their goals.

Career Progression Knowledge Share

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



No matter how well your team is doing, there's always room for improvement! The purpose of this template is to put career growth and skillset development at the forefront of the company or team mission. This enables company management & team leads to sift through the noise and understand what they can do for employees — leading to a whole host of benefits such as improved alignment on hiring needs and a better understanding of the typical career trajectory for internal employees.


  • Communicate Key Learnings — By gathering career advice from everyone on the team, you are setting your team members up for long-term success by introducing a list of career practices that everyone can adopt.
  • Increase Happiness — This template emphasizes that you care about your team members' career wellbeing whether it be inside or out of the company, providing reassurance that they are valued by the company.
  • Cultivate Thought Leadership — Sending out this report template on a regular basis encourages team members to take on a mentorship role for each other in their respective areas of expertise.

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