Agile Sprint Retrospective

Reflect on key wins and areas for improvement by using this ready-made retrospective.

Agile Sprint Retrospective

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



No matter how well your sprint went, there's always room for improvement on the next one! This sprint retrospective encourages team members to reflect on what they've learnt, and uses that to plan ahead for the next sprint. With ScrumGenius' easy referencing of past reports, team leads can chronicle team progress and track sprint quality over time as well.


  • Collective Introspection — Emphasize to team members the importance of introspection by gathering data on how each individual felt about the sprint and encouraging them to dig deep for the "why".
  • Iterative Improvements — Build on previous successes and failures by encouraging team members to think about areas for improvement.
  • Encourage Forward Thinking — Reinforce a forward-thinking team culture by recalling key learning points for future sprints.
  • Bonus Benefit! Team managers don't have to be the only ones who hand out credit for success! This template allows your team members to share and celebrate each others' success, as well as show their appreciation for any help they received during the sprint.

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