Agile Sprint Planning

Align priorities, flag roadblocks, and recall key learning concepts with this sprint planner.

Agile Sprint Planning

Get your week off to a great start by aligning your team members' priorities while developing stronger relationships.



Incorporating agile sprints into your team's workflow can be immensely beneficial to speed and output quality — if they are planned correctly. This template encourages your team to take a step back and evaluate their product backlog, which helps them prioritize tasks for the upcoming sprint. Flagging potential roadblocks, important due dates, and key learning concepts in this vital planning stage will ensure team members start the sprint on the right foot, and keep running without a hitch (get it?)


  • Easy Referencing — By using ScrumGenius' report history and search function, team leads can reference this sprint planner to check for any deviation from the original plan, whether roadblocks were flagged ahead of time, as well as resolve any conflicts. Using the sprint planner alongside our sprint retrospective template doubles this benefit!
  • Remove Roadblocks — This template creates an essential understanding among team members by flagging potential blockers, highlighting vital junctures where collaboration needs to happen.
  • Alignment on Priorities — As important action items are surfaced and discussed prior to the sprint, team members can realign their planned tasks in accordance with a set priority agreed upon by everyone — reducing the amount of managerial legwork team leads have to perform during the sprint.

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