ScrumGenius vs. AgilePolly

This page explores the difference between two of the most popular asynchronous standup apps: ScrumGenius and AgilePolly.

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What are remote standups?

Though synchronous daily standup meetings — that is, status meetings that are held in real-time — have been a mainstay of agile teams' communication toolkit for years now, they are impractical for many teams today. Increasingly, companies are hiring far-flung talent from multiple timezones and allowing their employees to work from home.

Enter the asynchronous standup: A glorious feat of team collaboration made possible by modern-day communications engineering. Under an asynchronous setup, team members report their progress, plans for the day, and the blockers they encounter by entering 2-3 sentences into a standup report. This makes it incredibly easy for teams to sync their workflow — whether they are across the room or across the world.

What's the difference? (A lot.)

IntegrationsGithub, JIRA, Azure DevOps Board + Repos, Asana, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Trello, Clubhouse, and Zapier.
Report Analytics
  • Keyword search for referencing previous reports.
  • Filter report data by time elapsed, team members & standup question.
  • Goal & blocker tracking.
  • CSV export.
CSV export only.
Timezone Support
Team Transparency
  • All members can access report history from Dashboard.
  • View work across integrated platforms ex: Github pushes.
Can only access current report
Single Sign-on with Microsoft
Report Notifications
  • Send reports to all members through private chat.
  • Email reports to external stakeholders.
Report shows up in MSTeams tab only.
Pricing and Team Limits$7 per user for all teams.

$3 per user for teams with < 25 people.

Enterprise pricing for team sizes over 250.

Nothing in between.

Why ScrumGenius offers more value for the price

  • Integrations

    ScrumGenius connects with Github, JIRA, Azure, Trello, and more to pull in code pushes & commits, issue changes, and worklog updates and match them to each team member seamlessly. Give your standups extra context without worrying about hidden charges in enterprise pricing.

  • Pricing that scales with your team

    We charge only a fixed price per user. Get all of ScrumGenius' features in your account under one price and send your report summaries to as many external stakeholders as you need.

Screenshot of Team Activity

Report Analytics & Search

  • Insights and Search

    ScrumGenius' powerful filters allow you to view standup history by time elapsed, individual team members, and by standup status. You can even keyword search your team's standup history to pull important information up for reference — all in a matter of seconds!

  • Goal & blocker tracking

    Enable goal & blocker tracking and review your team's progress towards project completion. ScrumGenius helps you visualize valuable data on common blockers, individual members, team engagement, and more — all conveniently located in the Team Dashboard.

Team Insights, Anytics and Scrum data search

Team Transparency & Member Management

  • Endless customization

    Though both apps allow you to create multiple reports, AgilePolly does not allow you to customize your own scrum teams (it only works with channel members). ScrumGenius overcomes that by pulling in all the team members linked to your Microsoft Teams account, letting you select whoever you want for each report.

  • Better visibility and workflow management

    Orchestrate your team's work across multiple platforms from the efficient comfort of your ScrumGenius Dashboard. Send report summary emails to external stakeholders like clients. Sync across timezones by enabling the report to be sent at your team members' local time.

ScrumGenius dashboard roles and permissions
ScrumGenius packages it up. It doesn’t require prep work, and we get the information my director needs. It’s really made things easier for everybody.
Julee Marcelino, IT Manager

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