Make your stand-up meetings,shorter and more productive

ScrumGenius allows your team to report their daily progress in an easy and effective way

Are Your Stand-Up Meetings Long and Unproductive?

Do you spend more time gathering information than discussing it?

Is it hard for your team to know what everyone is working on?

Do off-site team members often feel disconnected?

Are you manually taking notes to report your superiors?

How does it work?

ScrumGenius integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco WebEx Teams and Email

Your team report their status update before your stand-up

ScrumGenius collects and broadcasts the updates to your team, with their goals and blockers.

Have shorter, action-oriented meetings and get things done

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How Can ScrumGenius Help You and Your Team?

Stop wasting your time gathering information, make your daily meetings worth.

ScrumGenius collects and organises your teams reports that would otherwise get lost in emails.

Get the report history of any date and track your team accomplishments

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ScrumGenius Customers

They are using ScrumGenius to improve their team productivity

ScrumGenius offers a nice way to collect people’s stand-ups and their information and display it to the rest of the team. Instead of having to say everything, you can actually discuss the action items. It’s allowing us to have more effective meetings.
Saad Ahmad, MAX Gala

Most teams see value from ScrumGenius in a week

We give you a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

Experience first hand, how simple and clear communication can improve your stand-up meetings and boost your team productivity.

  • Multiple reports

  • Vacation tracking

  • Summary email reports

  • Custom Questions

  • Email and chat support

  • Activity Tracking

  • Goals & blocker tracking

  • Access sharing

  • Multiple teams

  • Local timezone support

$7/ month / active user

Billed Annually

Team Meetings Shouldn't be a struggle

Stop wasting hours on unproductive daily stand-up meetings that focus more in gather information rather than getting things done.

ScrumGenius improves communicacion between team members so they can save time, boost their productivity and achieve the daily goals they set.