ScrumGenius for JIRA

Connect ScrumGenius with the tools your team use for project management everyday

Learn how to set it up

JIRA is a widely used project management tool in the industry. We connect with JIRA to bring relevant issue changes and other activity into ScrumGenius and give your standups extra context.

Relevant activity for each team member

ScrumGenius displays JIRA activity performed by team members underneath their daily stand-up in the ScrumGenius dashboard.

Keep everyone updated

Your team report contains your team's stand-up summary as well as aggregated statistics of everyone's activity across all of your tools, keeping everyone on the same page.

View JIRA history in Team Activity

View the full details of everyone's JIRA history using the Team Activity page, where you can see activity performed by your team members in all third-party tools alongside your ScrumGenius standup answers.

Team meetings shouldn't be a struggle

Stop wasting hours on unproductive daily stand-up meetings that focus more on gathering information rather than getting things done.

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