ScrumGenius for Gitlab

Connect ScrumGenius with the tools your team use for project management everyday

Learn how to set it up

Gitlab is a DevOps tool for issue tracking and pipelines, allowing many companies and teams to keep on track of their work. By integrating Gitlab with ScrumGenius, you can automatically bring any Gitlab commits and pushes into our platform.

Push Gitlab commits to ScrumGenius

Bring your Gitlab commits and code pushes into your standup answers so you can keep track of what you’re working on each day.

Keep updated on your progress

Integrating Gitlab with ScrumGenius allows you to keep an eye on your current projects and add extra context into your standups.

Add Gitlab updates to Team Activity

All Gitlab code pushes and commits will show up in Team Activity, where everyone on your standup report can view them and stay on the same page.

Team meetings shouldn't be a struggle

Stop wasting hours on unproductive daily stand-up meetings that focus more on gathering information rather than getting things done.

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