Automate team status meetings

Communicate better with ScrumGenius

Why use ScrumGenius?

Interactive standups

ScrumGenius runs automated standups within Microsoft Teams, Slack and Email. We provide a convenient link afterwards also, so you can edit your answer if you made any mistakes.

Improve team transparency

Help your team communicate and clear those blockers, with a daily morning standup. Make it a part of your routine just like that morning coffee.

Email Summary

Keep your team leaders and stake holders up to date. ScrumGenius can send email summaries after your team has given their input.

Team Dashboard

Using our dashboard, as a manager or a team member, you can view the report history of any past report. View the team's answers grouped by the report question. View each team members individual participation history. Get a glance at the overall team status for the day.

How many team members are blocked?

How many team members achieved their goal?

Multiple timezone support

Does your company have teams across multiple locations/timezones?

By default, the report uses the default timezone set on the report. If a team member, has a timezone set, that will be used. This you can allow your team members to get their standup reports in their local timezone.

Multiple Teams

We have built in support for multiple platforms and teams.

We also have large organisations in mind - purchase one license account and share access with other managers.

Allow them to manage their own team within ScrumGenius.


ScrumGenius can send a reminder sometime after the check-in has started. A final reminder is also sent sometime before the report summary is sent out.

Goals and Blockers

Smarter reporting - track your team's goals and blockers. ScrumGenius surfaces these in your dashboard to help you make better decisions. We designed a simple intuitive layout to help you understand if your team members have met their goals and whether they have blockers

We support E-Mail too. Learn more.