Feature Spotlight: Team Dashboard

ScrumGenius’ team dashboard lets you view all of your teams’ past reports in one convenient spot. These archived answers can be grouped by report question or team member, or you can simply glance at your team's overall team for the day.

You easily can view any older reports by clicking the arrow to the left of the date at the top of the screen, and newer reports by clicking the arrow to the right of the date.

ScrumGenius team dashboard

This data is incredibly useful for analyzing team productivity, as comparing answers to the same questions over time can help you notice response patterns.

If you want to keep these stats for your own records, you can easily export your team's standup history into an Excel document. Just click on History, and under Export, choose how much data you want to save.

If you manage multiple teams, ScrumGenius makes it easy to switch between different reports. Simply click on the drop-down menu at the top of the report you are currently viewing and select the report you want to see.