Feature Spotlight: Report Summary Email

After the report period closes, ScrumGenius automatically sends a summary of your team’s updates directly to your email. This will provide your team with a record of their standups each day that can improve communication and keep everyone on the same page.

Once your standup has finished, ScrumGenius will send you a clean and well-formatted summary report that looks good on all email clients, even old Outlook apps. Right in your inbox, you can view your team’s overall participation count, blocker count and completed goals count, as well as the individual metrics of each team member’s blockers, goals and participation. Under that, you can view the Scrum responses for each employee, grouped by question for ease of reading.

ScrumGenius email summary report

The email summary can be customized for each report, and you can choose who you want to receive the summary and when they receive it. This means you can add people to the email list who don’t have a ScrumGenius account, such as managers and company heads who may not need to participate in the standups directly but would still appreciate receiving the report summary.

ScrumGenius email report configuration settings