Feature Spotlight: Promote Transparency

ScrumGenius’ automated standups help teams communicate better and clear out blockers by improving transparency between team members and managers alike.

ScrumGenius takes care of the administrative details that usually clog daily standups by letting team members submit their information online, so in-person meetings can focus on issues standing in the way of workflow. This leaves more room in those face-to-face meetings for team members to discuss blockers and ask questions instead of having to scramble for clarification via email after the fact.

Even better, if you miss something in your Scrum answers, ScrumGenius will send you a link to edit your responses after you click submit so you can add these missed details yourself instead of having to follow up with managers directly.

ScrumGenius daily standup

Once the report period is closed, ScrumGenius will then send you an email summary that contains the standup answers of your entire team, so everyone can stay on the same page. Teams can also choose to output the summary report in a shared channel on chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, so everyone can view and discuss it together.

ScrumGenius email summary

This can help solve problems of accountability for teams, as it provides everyone with a record of completed tasks and future projects they can go back to. Now everyone knows what they’re working on and what they need to focus on next.

For teams who struggle with fears of oversight, ScrumGenius can also help soothe feelings of intrusiveness by minimizing the need to duplicate work in multiple places. Instead of having to rely on several different platforms, ScrumGenius’ integrations with tools like JIRA, GitHub and Azure Devops create a single location for teams to collate information. All of this information can then later be viewed by everyone in Team Activity.

ScrumGenius team activity

For managers in particular, ScrumGenius can help you have a better understanding of your team’s productivity. Through the Team Dashboard, you can view the standup answers and participation history of your team as well as the history of individual team members. This includes whether or not they reached their goals and any blockers they may have encountered.

ScrumGenius team dashboard

This functionality allows you to notice patterns in workflow you might have otherwise missed, such as if multiple employees are encountering similar blockers or if specific team members are having the same problems repeatedly. This knowledge can in turn enable you to give your team the support they need in order to be happier and more productive.