Feature Spotlight: Interactive Standups

ScrumGenius cultivates interactive standups via email and chat platforms such as Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams, automating the stand-up process and promoting communication, productivity and efficiency along the way.

Our process is simple: Scrums are held each day or week (depending on your company’s preference) at a set time, at which point team members are prompted to answer a series of questions like:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What will you do today?
  • Do you have any blockers?

Custom questions can also be added to your Scrums if you want to personalize reports; for example, you can ask team members how productive they were yesterday or what they learned for a specific day.

With ScrumGenius, you can also choose whether you want these questions to be answerable in a text format, like the set questions, or a slider format, where team members give their answers on a scale of 0 to 5.

ScrumGenius report questions

All your team members have to do is take a few minutes to answer the Scrum prompts, and they’re done. This simple process can drastically reduce in-person meeting times and make them far more goal-oriented and productive. Even better, ScrumGenius is easy to use and can adapt to your team’s needs, no matter their level of technical experience.

How to Submit Your Scrum Reports

Once the Scrum report is open, team members will be prompted via their chosen chat platform to complete their standup. This can be done on mobile and on desktop, and there are several different ways to submit answers.


The report can be filled out through the chat platform itself simply by responding to the Scrum bot like you would respond to a coworker.

ScrumGenius chat standup


You can also fill out your Scrum report through your web browser. Instead of chatting with the Scrum bot, click on the Open Report button in the bot’s initial message, which will take you to our website. After that, simply fill out your responses in the empty fields and you’re done!

ScrumGenius web report standup

Dialog Box

ScrumGenius also supports a dialog box function. Like with the web browser option, just click on the Dialog Report button on the Scrum bot’s initial message, fill in the blanks, and click submit.

ScrumGenius dialog box

Team members will have a set amount of time to submit their updates. After this time is up, a team summary report will be sent directly to your inbox so you can review the standup answers of your entire team.

If you don’t get your answers in on time or need to add something to your updates, don’t worry; you can easily request a magic link from the Scrum bot that will let you edit your standup.