Feature Spotlight: Goals and Blockers

ScrumGenius provides a smart, efficient way of tracking your team’s goals and blockers through the team dashboard. All you have to do is check enable goals and blockers tracking when creating or editing your team’s report and ScrumGenius will automatically start tracking these metrics for you.

ScrumGenius goals and blockers

How does ScrumGenius track goals and blockers?

You automatically fill out your goals and blockers by responding to ScrumGenius’ prompts. Think about it: by answering what you did yesterday, you’re tracking yesterday’s goals; by saying what you’re working on today, you’re filling out today’s goals; and by listing obstacles, you’re recording blockers. It’s as easy as that.

ScrumGenius create report

If you want to change the set questions, feel free. Just make sure the report follows the same format: question one has to correlate to yesterday’s goal, question two to today’s goal, and question three to yesterday’s blocker. You can also add custom questions to your report as long as you have those three questions.

Once your report has been set up, you can view your team and your individual team members’ goals and blockers in the Team Dashboard.

ScrumGenius analytics