Feature Spotlight: Access Sharing

ScrumGenius was made with enterprises with multiple departments, including educational institutions, in mind. We have built-in support for multiple platforms and teams, making communication within these individual teams and the company as a whole feel seamless and pain-free.

Assign team members to ScrumGenius

If your organization has multiple teams and managers within the same company, you can purchase one license account (what we call the ‘billing account’) and share it with other managers, allowing them to manage their own teams within ScrumGenius and share access with these teams.

To do this, managers can either invite team members via the Team Members section under Team Settings, or they can ask their colleagues to create a free ScrumGenius account. These added team members do not need to set up any teams themselves; managers simply have to make sure they have the desired team selected, enter their team member’s ScrumGenius email address in the ‘Share Team Access’ field under Team Settings, and wait to see the confirmation message.

Share team access in ScrumGenius

In return, team members have to log into their account and the team you have shared with them will appear in the navigation bar. If they don’t have a password for their account yet, they can request a magic link by entering the email address registered with ScrumGenius (generally, this email will be the same one used for their Slack or Microsoft Teams account).

ScrumGenius is especially helpful for companies with teams across multiple locations and time zones. Each team member can set their own time zone, allowing them to receive their standups at their local time.

Different time zones with ScrumGenius

As well, as team members have shared access to standup reports through the ScrumGenius dashboard, team members in later time zones can see the submitted reports of their colleagues when they wake up, allowing for easier communication.