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ScrumGenius Getting Started Guide Part 2

Guides5 min read

Getting Started Guide Part 2

ScrumGenius is extraordinarily helpful for many teams, but we know it can be difficult and complicated to get started. Here’s how to get the most out of your workdays and maximize your team’s efficiency once you’ve started the onboarding process.

How to Hold Better Meetings With Slack (Mio)

Slack12 min read

How to Hold Better Meetings With Slack

As workplaces become more complex, meetings increase in length and frequency. They also take time, planning, and coordination. Fortunately, meetings don’t have to be all doom and gloom, especially if you use Slack.

ScrumGenius Getting Started Guide Part 1

Guides8 min read

Getting Started Guide Part 1

ScrumGenius can help you and your team save wasted workday time and focus on the things that matter without getting rid of the human connection. Yet we know that it can be difficult to get started, and your team may be wary of switching to new software. So we’ve put together this guide to show you how ScrumGenius can work for you.

ScrumGenius Standups and the Rockefeller Habits

Productivity3 min read

How to Utilize Rockefeller Habits with ScrumGenius

In 2002, Verne Harnish brought the Rockefeller Habits into the consciousness of the business world. These habits can help you maximize every aspect of business life, but they can be especially helpful when thinking about and organizing standups. Here are three ways ScrumGenius helps you utilize the Rockefeller habits in your workplace meetings.

11 Best Tips & Tricks to Supercharge Microsoft Teams Productivity

Microsoft Teams6 min read

11 Best Tips & Tricks to Supercharge Microsoft Teams Productivity

With 13 million active daily users, Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular workplace chat platforms on the internet. Teams all over the world use it to make communication more effective. But there are also a lot of hidden ways Microsoft Teams can supercharge your team’s efficiency even further, and we’ve listed 11 of them here.

How to Maximize Workplace Efficiency in Remote Teams

Remote Teams4 min read

The 6 Best Practices to Promote Efficiency in Remote Teams

Managing teams in different places often comes with its own set of difficulties. You can’t communicate the same way, especially if you have team members in different time zones, and that can often lead to problems that massively impact your team’s efficiency. But there are also many ways to help improve productivity within remote teams, and we’ve listed some of them here.

ScrumGenius Product Update: Disk Encryption and Custom Data Retention Periods

Product Updates2 min read

Product Update: Disk Encryption and Custom Data Retention Periods

As of July 17, all of ScrumGenius’ data is now encrypted on disk with the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm and custom data retention periods can be set, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

7 Slack Apps for Happier Remote Teams (ScrumGenius automated standups)

Remote Teams5 min read

7 Amazing Slack Apps for Happier and More Productive Remote Teams

Slack is an amazing tool for communication and collaboration, especially for remote teams who often have their own unique challenges. Thankfully, there are many ways to combat these difficulties and keep your teams happy and productive, and they can be found in Slack’s app directory.

ScrumGenius product update: content block layout for Slack standups

Product Updates2 min read

Product Update: Slack Content Block Layout Support

One of the biggest drawbacks to automated stand-ups is the inability to customize answer formats. ScrumGenius is excited to announce that we’ve debuted content block layouts, so you can customize your answers and add as much detail as your heart desires to make your stand-ups even richer than before.

How to optimize your team's productivity even further with Slack apps.

Slack7 min read

10 Must-Have Slack Apps to Optimize Your Workflow

Slack has revolutionized the way business teams communicate and collaborate, and it’s helped many companies drastically improve their efficiency and workflow. But there are ways to up efficiency even further, and many of them can be found in Slack’s app directory. Here are ten tools to help your team boost productivity with Slack and work smarter and harder.

How to use add-ons in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams5 min read

9 Microsoft Teams Apps to Amplify Productivity

Microsoft Teams is an amazing tool for business, and it can dramatically boost your team’s communication and workflow. But many people are unaware that Microsoft Teams supports integrations that can further boost productivity within your team. We’ve listed our top 9 Microsoft Teams integrations to help keep your teams efficient and on track.

How to make Microsoft Teams standups more efficient and waste less workday time

Microsoft Teams4 min read

How to Boost Efficiency in Microsoft Teams Standups

Microsoft Teams is a very useful tool for business. It can help cultivate workplace communication, organize tasks and facilitate a more efficient workflow. So we want to spotlight one feature to explain how it works and how it can benefit you and your business: daily standups.

How to maximize productivity in your team's Scrums: Scrum tips and tricks for efficient standups

Productivity5 min read

How to Maximize Productivity in Your Team’s Scrums

Daily standup meetings, or Scrum meetings, are great tools to help teams boost productivity and communication. Unfortunately, these Scrum meetings can get a reputation for wasting time even though they are essential to the productivity of many companies. Here are some of our top tips to boost productivity and keep your Scrums running as efficiently as possible.

Product Updates: May (Dashboard and Notifications)

Product Updates3 min read

Product Updates: May (Dashboard and Notifications)

We’ve been listening to what our clients have been saying and made some updates to ScrumGenius in May. Here are some of them.